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New York Stories: Paola Peretti

New York Stories: Paola Peretti «Everything that is innovation can be frightening because it requires to learn new things. I like to say that I like to position myself between data, design and finally dreams»… Paola Peretti, today Chief Digital Officer of Fresh, was one of the first in Italy to lead important publishing industries in the field of e-commerce… Vincenzo Pascale interviews


The Influential Muses – Fortunato Depero, “Nine Heads with Hat”

The Influential Muses - Fortunato Depero, "Nine Heads with Hat" The revolutionary and innovative charge of the work of Fortunato Depero, a great experimenter who tried to bring his art among the people and into the streets, is at the center of a new episode of "The Influential Muses" curated by Laura Mattioli who presents the the work of the only Italian futurist


Maria Fusco

Maria Fusco Fabio Finotti, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, in conversation with Maria Fusco, Director of the "Ufficio Scuola" of the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, about the teaching of the Italian language for foreigners. Find out more What's New in the Other Stanze Italiane


Banksy in New York

Constancia – Les vêpres siciliennes | Teatro Massimo in Palermo On the occasion of the “Building Castles in the Sky” exhibition in New York dedicated to Banksy, a conversation between Fabio Finotti and curators Stefano Antonelli and Gianluca Marziani along with the president of MetaMorfosi NY, which organized the exhibition. Banksy is certainly the most mysterious and pursued living artist, considered one of


Paola Navone

Paola Navone She has left a sign on the history of Made in Italy design with her works, for which she has won several international awards. Paola Navone is an architect, product designer, interior designer, designer of stores and restaurants, exhibition and event curator, and lecturer. What is striking about her style is the use of color at a time when an a-chromatic


Stories of New York: Paula Bolla-Sorrentino

New York Stories: Paula Bolla-Sorrentino “Passion is our main ingredient.” Brazilian but with Italian roots, Paula Bolla-Sorrentino is Director of Operations for Il Gattopardo Group. Passionate about art, design, food, and Italian culture, she has a background as a model. As she tells Vincenzo Pascale for the “New York Stories” series, she now manages all the visual and organizational aspects of three esteemed


Upcycling. Italian technology to support a new idea of recycling

Upcycling. Italian technology to support a new idea of recycling On the occasion of the seventh edition of Italian Design Day, entitled “Re-Generation. Design and New Technologies for a Sustainable Future", the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Fabio Finotti, met at the Old Westbury premises Maria Perbellini, Dean of the School of Architecture and Design of the New York


Uomini ponte – Alain Elkann

Uomini ponte - Alain Elkann In front of the Fireplace of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Fabio Finotti in conversation with journalist and writer Alain Elkann presenting two of his books. The first, “Italian Masterpieces”, is dedicated to iconic Italian works of art that FIAC - Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, has helped to exhibit in one or more major


The “Angelo Mai” Civic Library in Bergamo

The "Angelo Mai" Civic Library of Bergamo In Bergamo, in a gorgeous Renaissance square, Piazza Vecchia, you can see a large Palladian building. It houses the holdings of the “Angelo Mai” Civic Library, the oldest municipal institution in the city, founded at the end of the eighteenth century by Cardinal Giuseppe Alessandro Furietti. A rich and extremely diversified patrimony, as the library director

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