Uomini ponte – Alain Elkann

In front of the Fireplace of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Fabio Finotti in conversation with journalist and writer Alain Elkann presenting two of his books.
The first, “Italian Masterpieces”, is dedicated to iconic Italian works of art that FIAC – Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, has helped to exhibit in one or more major museums in the United States over the past 18 years, such as Giorgione’s “Vecchia”, Raphael’s “La Fornarina” or Parmigianino’s “Antea” and “Schiava Turca”, from various Italian museums including Capodimonte in Naples or the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. Some masterpieces have also been restored.
The second book is “Anita”, released in Italy in 2019 by Bompiani and now translated into English by Bordighera Press. A novel that focuses on a love story but is also an opportunity to meditate on the divine and what will happen after death: will we be buried or cremated? Around this alternative there are discussions, reflections, unexpected and even comical events.

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