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Uomini ponte – Alain Elkann

Uomini ponte - Alain Elkann In front of the Fireplace of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Fabio Finotti in conversation with journalist and writer Alain Elkann presenting two of his books. The first, “Italian Masterpieces”, is dedicated to iconic Italian works of art that FIAC - Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, has helped to exhibit in one or more major


The “Jewish Italian Elegy”

The “Jewish Italian Elegy” The history of the Jews is deeply and sometimes dramatically intertwined with the history of Europe and in particular with the history of Italy. On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, Fabio Finotti, invites you to listen in the Stoà of the “Stanze italiane” to the “Jewish-Italian Elegy”,


Napoleon and Manzoni 5 May 1821 – 2021

Napoleon and Manzoni 5 May 1821 - 2021 Video interview by Fabio Finotti with Luca Badini Confalonieri, Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Turin and Manzonian scholar, on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of the writing of the ode "Cinque Maggio" by Alessandro Manzoni. Badini Confalonieri helps us discover themes and connections in Manzoni's ode that have been ingrained

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