The “Jewish Italian Elegy”

The history of the Jews is deeply and sometimes dramatically intertwined with the history of Europe and in particular with the history of Italy.
On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, Fabio Finotti, invites you to listen in the Stoà of the “Stanze italiane” to the “Jewish-Italian Elegy”, in a new contemporary version, entrusted to the voice of Edoardo Ballerini and to some photographs from Jerusalem by Alessandro de Lisi.

This is one of the oldest and most poignant texts of Italian vernacular literature of the thirteenth century, focusing on the Jewish condition, that is, the exile, the expulsion from the “Promised Land”, the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, the wandering among foreign people, but also faith in divinity, in a God capable of gathering his people again.

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