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21st Week of Italian Language in the World

21st Week of Italian Language in the World From October 18 a series of lectures, conversations, presentations, new creations, and thematic itineraries dedicated to the Supreme Poet On the occasion of the XXI Week of the Italian Language in the World (October 18-24), dedicated in 2021 to “Dante, the Italian”, “Stanze Italiane” – the virtual home of the Italian Cultural Institute in New


“The sound of Dante”

"The sound of Dante" The Italian Cultural Institute of New York will participate in the 21st week of the Italian language in the world from October 18-24, 2021. The title of this special week is “Dante, the Italian language” and ad-hoc events will be viewable on "Stanze taliane". On September 25, 2021, “The sound of Dante” – a project carried out by Mariateresa Sartori in collaboration with Fondazione


The Theatricality of the Comedy

The Theatricality of the Comedy Paolo Gervasi (University of L'Aquila) talks about the performative tradition of Dante's Comedy in Italy from the second half of the twentieth century to the present day, with particular reference to the examples of Vittorio Gassman, Carmelo Bene, Vittorio Sermonti, Roberto Benigni, Romeo Castellucci and the Teatro delle Albe company, besides television adaptations, video art and videogames. Find


Casadei on Dante

Casadei on Dante A lecture by prof. Alberto Casadei (University of Pisa) who will tell us how Dante was interpreted and revisited in Italian and world literature of the twentieth century. Find out more What’s New in the Other Stanze Italiane


Dante in a Graphic Novel

Dante in a Graphic Novel George Cochrane, American artist and illustrator, has created a version of Dante's Comedy inspired by the iconography of Graphic Novels. Luigi Ballerini interviews him. The conversation also includes an overview of preparatory materials, drafts of the book and illustrations that allow us to delve into its cultural references. Find out more


The Alighieri’s after Dante

The Alighieri's after Dante Dante Alighieri lived for part of his life in the Veneto region, and in 1353 his son Pietro bought land in the Valpolicella area, which is still today owned by the heirs who, since the sixteenth century, bear the double surname Serego Alighieri. More details about the family history, and other tales, are revealed in a conversation - on wine and literature-  between Pieralvise


Leonardo Frigo’s violins dedicated to the “Sommo Poeta”

Leonardo Frigo's violins dedicated to the "Sommo Poeta" We continue our journey in the "Dante's Room" with Dante Alighieri Inferno  - a project by London based Italian artist and violinist Leonardo Frigo - that blends music, poetry, design, and craftsmanship; completed in December 2020, after 5 years of work. A total of 34 musical instruments, 33 violins and a cello, on which Leonardo worked inspired by the first Canticle of


“Dante ipermoderno” the exhibition curated by Giorgio Bacci

Dante ipermoderno the exhibition curated by Giorgio Bacci Another finding in the “Dante’ room” is the presentation of the exhibition Dante ipermoderno – Illustrazioni dantesche nel mondo 1983-2021 curated by Giogio Bacci, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the patronage of the Italian Dante Society, Dante 2021 National Committee for the celebration of 700 years from Dante’ s death, and the Association of Italianists. It is also possible


Mimmo Paladino’s Brooch for Dante

Mimmo Paladino's Brooch for Dante The Dante's room hosts a preview of: "Dante 'precious' 1321-2021" a brooch designed by Mimmo Paladino for Cleto Munari, made in 18k gold, enamel and diamonds, in a limited edition. A unique work of art created for this year Dante's celebrations. It is possible to closely observe the jewel, watch a video interview with the artists, moderated by Alba Cappellieri (director of the Vicenza Jewelry Museum and professor at the Milan Politecnico),

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