Salvatore Garau: The Value of Ideas

Invisible sculptures as images of our time. This is the project of Salvatore Garau who, after a first exhibition in Sardinia, brought Buddha in Contemplation to Piazza Scala in Milan, and Aphrodite Crying in New York with the idea of exhibiting seven invisible sculptures in as many cities.

Aphrodite Crying, exhibited in Wall Street, is also a child of the times we have lived through and that we are still living, says Garau. It is not a sculpture made of marble, stone or iron but one made of absence, the material that has dominated the planet in these years. He has created something tangible out of absence, which he has come to see as a presence, almost a sculptural one, which must be born freely in the minds of each one of us.
Aphrodite Crying is the metaphor of the beauty and love that Garau feels are disappearing from our planet: a cry, a commitment, an invocation to all of us to take care of the beauty and love we are made of and without which we would all disappear.

Starting from this work, in a conversation available in the Gallery of “Stanze italiane” with the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York Fabio Finotti, the artist of invisible sculptures tells us about the value of ideas and about his artistic vision, which has been drawing attention and arousing interest all over the world.

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