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Giovanna Silva, “Archivi, Synthesis”

Giovanna Silva, Archivi, Synthesis It is called “Archivi, Syntehesis”, it is a photographic exhibition by Giovanna Silva and it is the winning project of “Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere”, promoted by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture From December 9, 2021 to January 8, 2022 it will be hosted at the Park Avenue location of the Italian Cultural Institute in New


Ezio Gribaudo

Ezio Gribaudo The Gallery of the "Italian Rooms" is enriched today - Wednesday June 23rd - of a video interview by Victoria Surliuga (Texas Tech University) with the Turin artist and publisher and expert scholar of Ezio Gribaudo. The testimony of Gribaudo himself highlights an itinerary across the history of art of the second half of the twentieth century between Italy and the


Salvatore Garau – “Afrodite Piange”

Salvatore Garau - "Afrodite Piange" In front of Federal Hall and a few steps from New York Stock Exchange, “Afrodite Piange” by Salvatore Garau will be born, the third in a cycle of seven “immaterial” works that will be installed in as many cities around the world. Realized thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, which will offer


The Influential Muses – Barry X Ball, “Pietà”

The Influential Muses - Barry X Ball, "Pietà" Art historian Laura Mattioli, president of the CIMA-Center for Italian Modern Art in New York, presents for the Gallery in the "Stanze Italiane" a series of exclusive video lectures entitled "The Influential Muses" on twentieth and twenty-first century American artists who have had contacts with or made references to the Italian cultural world. The series


Dante in a Graphic Novel

Dante in a Graphic Novel George Cochrane, American artist and illustrator, has created a version of Dante's Comedy inspired by the iconography of Graphic Novels. Luigi Ballerini interviews him. The conversation also includes an overview of preparatory materials, drafts of the book and illustrations that allow us to delve into its cultural references. Find out more


Anthony Tamburri is the first guest of the Fireplace

Anthony Tamburri is the first guest of the Fireplace Anthony Tamburri (Dean, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute) inaugurates the series of conversations in front of the Fireplace. While also retracing his personal history, he talks about the relationship between Italians and America and vice versa, in light of Pietro Bassetti’s notion of "Italics" (i.e., those who have embraced Italian values and traditions


Leonardo Frigo’s violins dedicated to the “Sommo Poeta”

Leonardo Frigo's violins dedicated to the "Sommo Poeta" We continue our journey in the "Dante's Room" with Dante Alighieri Inferno  - a project by London based Italian artist and violinist Leonardo Frigo - that blends music, poetry, design, and craftsmanship; completed in December 2020, after 5 years of work. A total of 34 musical instruments, 33 violins and a cello, on which Leonardo worked inspired by the first Canticle of


“Dante ipermoderno” the exhibition curated by Giorgio Bacci

Dante ipermoderno the exhibition curated by Giorgio Bacci Another finding in the “Dante’ room” is the presentation of the exhibition Dante ipermoderno – Illustrazioni dantesche nel mondo 1983-2021 curated by Giogio Bacci, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the patronage of the Italian Dante Society, Dante 2021 National Committee for the celebration of 700 years from Dante’ s death, and the Association of Italianists. It is also possible


Mimmo Paladino’s Brooch for Dante

Mimmo Paladino's Brooch for Dante The Dante's room hosts a preview of: "Dante 'precious' 1321-2021" a brooch designed by Mimmo Paladino for Cleto Munari, made in 18k gold, enamel and diamonds, in a limited edition. A unique work of art created for this year Dante's celebrations. It is possible to closely observe the jewel, watch a video interview with the artists, moderated by Alba Cappellieri (director of the Vicenza Jewelry Museum and professor at the Milan Politecnico),

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